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ROYALTY DAYS Special Edition

ROYALTY DAYS Special Edition


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Fishing on the Edge

Fishing on the Edge

by Leighton McDonnell

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Fishing with the Famous Commemorative fishing float

Fishing with the Famous Commemorative fishing float

by Andrew Field

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Carp for Life

Carp for Life

by Len Arbery

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Walkers Pitch II

Walkers Pitch II

by Richard Walker

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The Little Egret Press specialises in publishing Limited Edition Hardback, Luxury Leather Bound and Paperback fishing books. We publish works by new authors as well as reprinting our own versions of some of the most famous angling books ever written. Many of our books sell out before publication and numerous titles are now valuable collectors books in their own right.

The Little Egret Press has published more than 80 titles since it's formation in 2001 and has gained a reputation for publishing quality fishing books at affordable prices.

I am myself a passionate angler and angling book collector. I am fully committed to maintaining the heritage of the Little Egret Press whilst ensuring its continued success.
Wayne Cryer


2018DecemberROYALTY DAYS Special EditionBob BUTEUX
2018NovemberRichard Walker Centenary CelebrationVarious
2018SeptemberIn Search of the Sergeant Various
2018SeptemberIn Search of the Sergeant SPECIAL EDITIONVarious
2018JuneAn Urchin RemembersBob Buteux
2018JuneAn Urchin Remembers SPECIAL EDITIONBob Buteux
2018MayAn Urchin Remembers FLOAT Andrew Field
2018MarchTony Miles - The End of the LineTony Miles
2018MarchTony Miles - The End of the Line SPECIAL EDITIONTony Miles
2018FebruaryWillow Pitch IV - Andrew Field FloatsAndrew Field
2017NovemberOfficial 2018 LEP Diary only 10 copiesLEP
2017OctoberHistorical Carp WatersChris Ball
2017OctoberHistorical Carp Waters SPECIAL EDITIONChris Ball
2017SeptemberWillow Pitch III - The Esox Editionvarious
2017SeptemberWillow Pitch III - The Esox Edition SPECIAL EDITIONVarious
2017JulyRoyalty Days by Bob Buteux FLOATAndrew Field
2017JuneA Kettle Of FishDr Terry Baxter
2017JuneA Kettle Of Fish SPECIAL EDITIONDr Terry Baxter
2017MayIn The Still of the NightAndrew Spreadbury
2017MayIn The Still of the Night SPECIAL EDITIONAndrew Spreadbury
2017MayFrom Carbon To Cane Stu Harris
2017MarchThe Spirit of Redmire PoolTom O\'Reilly
2017MarchThe Spirit of Redmire Pool SPECIAL EDITIONTom O\'Reilly
2017FebruaryThe Spirit of Redmire Pool ANDREW FIELD FLOATAndrew Field
2017JanuaryA Coming of AgeStuart Harris
2017JanuaryThe Fenland Thirties Volume 2Denis Moules
2016NovemberWillow Pitch 1 Various
2016NovemberA Coming of Age SPECIAL EDITIONStuart Harris
2016NovemberGrim - The Story of a PikeSvend Fleuron
2016OctoberCarp PaperbackJim Gibbinson
2016OctoberA Coming of Age FloatAndrew Field
2016SeptemberThe Carpscene Years SPECIAL EDITIONRod Hutchinson
2016SeptemberThoughts On BaitRod Hutchinson
2016SeptemberThe Carpscene Years Rod Hutchinson
2016AugustPulling Against FishLeighton McDonnell
2016AugustPulling Against Fish SPECIAL EDITION Leighton McDonnell
2016JulyThe Ice That MeltedMarc Twaite
2016JulyA Glorious Waste Of Time PaperbackJim Gibbinson
2016JulyThe Glorious 16th Limited Edition FloatAndrew Field
2016JuneWillow Pitch 3 - The Esox Edition Commemorative FloatAndrew Field
2016MayBarbel Epiphany PAPERBACKDr Terry Baxter
2016AprilLEP Art Number 9 Richard Walker landing Carp Ltd Edition printTom O'Reilly
2016AprilElite Barbel PAPERBACKTony Miles
2016April Angling For PikeJohn Bickerdyke
2016AprilLEP Art Number 8 Redmire Pool Limited Edition printTom O\'Reilly
2016AprilLEP Art number 6 Jack Hilton at Redmire Ltd Edition printTom O\'Reilly
2016AprilLEP Number 3 Dick Walker & Pete Thomas Ltd Edition printTom O'Reilly
2016AprilLEP Art Number 7 Pike Limited Edition PrintTom O\'Reilly
2016AprilBarbel Head Limited Edition Print LEP Art number 1Tom O\'Reilly
2016AprilBarbel from Walkers Pitch Limited Edition print LEP Art number 2Tom O\'Reilly
2016AprilLEP Art Number 4 Dick Walker Carp On Ltd Edition printTom O'Reilly
2016AprilLEP Art Number 5 Dick Walker Hands On Ltd Edition PrintTom O'Reilly
2016AprilPhil Smith Record Crucian Ltd Edition PrintDave Blackaller
2016AprilPhil Smith Frozen Stour Ltd Edition PrintDave Blackaller
2016FebruaryRainbows EndPhil Smith
2016FebruaryRainbows End SPECIAL EDITIONPhil Smith
2016JanuaryThe Carp Strikes BackRod Hutchinson
2016JanuaryRod Hutchinson's Carp BookRod Hutchinson
2016JanuaryRainbows End Perch Bobber FloatAndrew Field
2015DecemberCarp Now and Then 25th Anniversary EditionRod Hutchinson
2015DecemberCarp Now and Then SPECIAL Edition Rod Hutchinson
2015DecemberSavay two Tone Ltd Edition PrintDave Blackaller
2015DecemberCrayfish Pool Mirror Ltd Edition PrintDave Blackaller
2015DecemberWinter Lump Ltd Edition PrintDave Blackaller
2015DecemberRedmire Common Ltd Edition PrintDave Blackaller
2015DecemberMontage of Carp Now & Then CoverDave Blackaller
2015NovemberFishing with the Famous - RevisitedBob Buteux
2015NovemberFishing with the Famous Revisited SPECIAL EDITIONBob Buteux
2015NovemberCarp Now and Then Commemorative FloatAndrew Field
2015NovemberLimited Edition Print from Fishing with the FamousRob Woolnough
2015NovemberThe Life & Times of Bill Quinlan Commemorative FloatAndrew Field
2015NovemberThe Spirit of the EstuaryTom O\'Reilly
2015OctoberFishing with the Famous Commemorative fishing floatAndrew Field
2015SeptemberThe Incompleat PikerDr Steve Rogowski
2015AugustThe Life & Times of Bill Quinlan Bob Butuex
2015FebruaryBe Back By TeatimeIvan Carson
2014SeptemberGone FishingWilliam Nathan
2014MayCaught Between Two WorldsChristopher Cullen
2014JanuaryFrench Carping Leather BoundClive Williams
2013AugustBig Fish from Small StreamsTony Miles
2013AugustFrom Carbon To CaneStuart Harris
2013MayCarp Addiction Leather BoundCraig Lyons
2013JanuaryCypry Leather BoundPeter Mohan
2012DecemberWillow Pitch IIVarious
2012NovemberThe Shark FishermanDavid Turner
2012NovemberAnglerís ParadiseZyg Gregorek and Friends
2012SeptemberLittle Egret Press Phone CaseTom O'Reilly
2012SeptemberIts A Long Old RoadCompiled by Craig Lyons
2012JuneBarbel EpiphanyDr Terry Baxter
2012JanuaryGreat Days Leather bound editionDes Taylor
2011DecemberRhythms of NatureMarc Harris
2011DecemberBarbel for LifeLen Arbery
2011OctoberA Pool of DreamsTom O'Reilly
2011SeptemberThe Still Water AnglerTim Ridge & Dave Tipping
2011MayBarbel MystiqueDr. Terry Baxter
2011AprilReflections - Highlights from an angling lifeChris Turnbull
2011MarchGift VouchersLEP
2011JanuaryToo Many Rods Leather Bound editionDerek Stritton
2011JanuaryFrom Minnows To Marlin Leather BoundDave Steuart
2011JanuaryA Dream Of Carp Book Two Leather Bound Mike Starkey
2011JanuaryStrictly Carp Leather bound edition Martin Clarke
2010SeptemberSilver Season - Golden MemoriesTony Miles
2010SeptemberA Carp To Begin WithJohn Nixon
2010MayCarp for LifeLen Arbery
2010MayCarp Stories & Other TalesPeter Mohan
2010JanuaryFishing For Life Leather BoundDerrick Davenport
2009NovemberCarp - Perfect DaysJohn Bailey
2009NovemberElite BarbelTony Miles
2009NovemberAngling's All-RounderDave Steuart
2009JulyThe Keeper Leather Bound editionKeith Jenkins
2008NovemberTimes to Remember IIBob Buteux & Friends
2008NovemberSilver SpiritTom O'Reilly
2008NovemberWalkers Pitch IIRichard Walker
2008SeptemberA Specimen Fishing YearJohn Wilson
2008SeptemberBelow the WeirPeter Rogers
2008JuneWalkers Pitch 2 Leather BoundRichard Walker
2008MayBarbel - Perfect DaysJohn Bailey
2008MayTimes to RememberBob Buteux & Friends
2007NovemberSpin me a LineRichard Walker
2007NovemberThe Strange Adventures of a CarpNorroy
2007July50 Years on the OuseTony Miles
2007JulyThe Spirit of the PondTom O'Reilly
2007JulyRipples and ReflectionsLen Arbery
2007MarchThe Challenge of Big Carp by BBBB Denys Watkins-Pitchford
2007JanuarySkies of Fire Rivers of Gold Leather BoundFred Crouch
2006AprilThe Carp YearsTony Miles
2006MarchAngling DaysDavid Tipping
2006MarchFishing on the EdgeLeighton McDonnell
2006JanuaryFavourite Swims Leather Bound in SlipcaseFred J Taylor
2005AugustQuest for the BestJack Hilton
2005AugustHook, Line & SpinnerClive Gammon
2004SeptemberAngling Down the YearsPeter Wheat
2004JanuaryMagic Moments Leather bound editionPhil Smith and Stef Horak
2003OctoberFishermans Folly Leather BoundBB
1995SeptemberThe Way I FishDennis Pye
1995JanuaryBasil Limited Edition PrintRichard J Smith
1995JanuaryStalking the Margins Limited Edition printRichard J Smith
1995JanuaryLEP Art Number 10 Carp on Leaves Ltd Edition PrintTom O\'Reilly
1995JanuaryLEP Art Number 11 'Walker 32LB Carp from Redmire' Ltd Ed PrintTom O\'Reilly
1995JanuaryLEP Art Number 12 'Barbel Swirl' Ltd Edition PrintTom O\'Reilly
1995JanuaryLEP Art Number 13 Creel from Willow Pitch 2 Ltd Ed PrintTom O\'Reilly
1995JanuaryLEP Art Number 14 Walker in the Snow Ltd Edition PrintTom O\'Reilly
1995JanuaryLEP Art Number 15 Walker Wading Ltd Edition printTom O\'Reilly
1995JanuaryLEP Art Number 16 Big Barbel Ltd Edition PrintTom O\'Reilly
1995JanuaryLEP Art Number 17 Barbel and Creel Ltd Edition PrintTom O\'Reilly


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Richard Walker Centenary Celebration

Richard Walker Centenary Celebration

by Various

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In Search of the Sergeant

In Search of the Sergeant

by Various

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In Search of the Sergeant SPECIAL EDITION

In Search of the Sergeant SPECIAL EDITION

by Various

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An Urchin Remembers

An Urchin Remembers

by Bob Buteux

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